Is Hillary Clinton Starting to #FeeltheBern With Black Voters?

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at the Evinronmentalists for Hillary event on November 9, 2015 in Nashua, New Hampshire. Clinton highlighted the importance of reneweable energy and moving away from coal power. (Photo by
Scott Eisen/Getty Images

With Bernie Sanders leading Hillary Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire, Clinton has set her firewall in the South, counting on minority voters to stop Bernie Sanders momentum. What Clinton was not expecting is the new black outreach organization Bernie Sanders is building within her safe space.

Marcus Ferrell (@marcus4America) is the African-American Outreach Director and South Eastern Political director for Bernie Sanders and he is building a team that should scare the coronation out of Hillary Clinton. The Bernie Sanders African-American outreach group is starting a HBCU tour, with the full blessing of the African-American intellectual juggernaut Cornel West.

The tour will be headed up by @ShaunKing, who again uses his white privilege to obtain a position that would otherwise go to a black person, but I digress. As one of the loudest voices in the Black Lives Matter movement, Bernie Sanders will no doubt use King’s vast knowledge of tragedies to actual black men to consolidate himself with the African-American population. Should two white men have all that power?

In addition, Bernie Sanders has the support of Stephen C. Bishop, the sexy teenage love of Gabrielle Union on BET’s Being Mary Jane.

Atlanta rapper Killer Mike…and before you dismiss him because of the name, search the number of times he has appeared on Fox News. He is a frequent guest on Kennedy. His name means he kills microphones and he’s smart and culturally connected.

And is Breakfast Club host, MTV host, and comedian Charlamagne starting to #FeeltheBern?


Again, I digress.

Bernie Sanders is placing his eyes on Hillary Clinton’s firewall and is building a cultural team to push his politics. And nothing should scare her more than a personal friend of mine Tezlyn Figaro, who has now joined the Bernie Sanders team.

When I have the honor of co-hosting on Breitbart radio, I always try to invite her on as a guest. We may have some political disagreements but we both have a passion for our communities, Hip Hop culture, and supporting the voices that speak up…whether we agree with them or not.

Hillary Clinton made the mistake of taking the black vote for granted in 2008 and Barack Obama took advantage of her hubris. If Hillary Clinton doesn’t start building an effective team to combat Bernie Sanders movement with black Americans, the election of 2016 will be Capitalism vs. Socialism and Hillary will be watching it play out from Chappaqua…or prison.


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