Chris Christie: John Kasich ‘Sounds A Heck Of A Lot More Like Satan’

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie arrives to deliver his State of the State address, Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2016, in Trenton, N.J.
AP Photo/Julio Cortez

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is not buying John Kasich’s line about being the “Prince of Light.”

In an interview with Fox News host Neil Cavuto, Christie was questioned about Kasich’s recent attacks on his record as governor of New Jersey.

“That sounds a heck of a lot more like Satan than like the ‘Prince of Light and Hope,’” Christie replied. “Listen I’ve known John for a long time and I’ve been around when his colleagues talk about him – I’ve heard John called a lot of things — the ‘Prince of Light and Hope’ has never been one of them.”

Kasich, who’s father was a mailman, recently described his opponents as “The Prince of Darkness” while bestowing on himself the title of “The Prince of Light And Hope.”

Christie accused the Ohio governor for wanting to “hide” in New Hampshire and let his Super PAC “do all his dirty work” so he could “act like some angel.”