The Stacey Dash Republican

Theo Wargo/Getty Images/AFP
Theo Wargo/Getty Images/AFP

Damn it, Stacey Dash. Again?

Yesterday morning actress and Republican Stacey Dash made an appearance on Fox and Friends to talk about the #OscarsSoWhite social outrage and the calls from Jada Pinkett Smith to boycott the event in protest. In the appearance, Dash called for an end to Black History and the BET cable network for true equality.

The comeback from BET was hilarious.

The Hip Hop world remembered The Brat dissing Dash at the 1995 Soul Train Awards (even though black isn’t in the name, it’s an all black awards show).

Black twitter is trying hard to trade Dash for Rhonda Rousey.

I’ll let my favorite radio host Charlamange the God handle the BET matter in a free market principle manner.

And I’ll tackle Black History Month.

I REALLY hate pointing out my sisters, so let’s make this an entire Republican Party conversation instead. Right now your inclination is to protect and defend Stacey Dash. Hell, some of you might agree with her. This is proof the progressive indoctrination is severely embedded in the Republican Party and must be pulled out by its roots.

Black Republican Carter Woodson started Negro History Week. He chose the second week in February to celebrate the birthdays of two proud Republicans, black Frederick Douglass and white Abraham Lincoln. Woodson’s goal was not only for blacks to learn their own history but to understand what we were capable of accomplishing when we worked together as Americans.

That is the Republican legacy I cling too but is forgotten by so many Republicans. Unfortunately, this is what happens when you forget your own history. Republican Gerald Ford erased that legacy when he changed Negro History Week to Black History Month to pander to progressive pressure. A Republican helped progressives erase Republican History.

Now, instead of learning about Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, Maggie Walker, Marcus Garvey and so many other Republican/conservative minded Black juggernauts, Black History has turned into Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, and Barack Obama. They build living Gods instead of historical pride.

And I don’t think Stacey Dash gives a damn about any of that. I am not a Stacey Dash Republican. I know the history of this party and there is a reason I stand by its legacy, even while I bash its present state. If I let go of that legacy, then we can’t learn from the past and will be destined to make the same mistakes.

The saddest part is Republicans don’t know their own history to object to such nonsense. Black History Month is a Republican creation to celebrate what Democrats tried to destroy. They warp our history and there are Republicans still trying to help them do it. That’s just sad.


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