Lindsey Graham: Choosing Between Cruz and Trump Like Choosing Whether to Be Shot or Poisoned

Ted Cruz, Donald Trump

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said Friday that choosing between Donald Trump or Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is like choosing whether to be shot or poisoned.

“You get the same result,” said the former presidential candidate. He also urged voters to “just pick somebody normal.”

According to Roll Call:

“Dishonest beats crazy. Hillary Clinton’s going to be seen as a dishonest candidate. If we nominate crazy, which I think Donald Trump’s domestic and foreign policy is insane. If we nominate somebody who is a rigid ideologue we lose. Dishonest loses to normal,” Graham told reporters. “Just pick somebody normal. Pick somebody out of the phone book and we win.”

“I know how this movie ends,” Graham added. “They will eat his lunch. They will tear him apart. It will be the end of our chance to beat a very flawed candidate. Ted Cruz will not be able to bring this party together and get both parties to do hard things because he can’t work with his own party, much less the other party.”

After ending his presidential bid, Graham endorsed former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.


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