Hillary Supporter Shaheen: Hillary’s Goldman Speaking Fees ‘In the Past,’ ‘Doesn’t Matter Whether You Support That’


Hillary Clinton supporter Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) stated that Hillary’s speaking fees from Goldman Sachs are “in the past” and “it doesn’t matter” if you support them or not on Friday’s “MSNBC Live.”

Shaheen, in response to a question on the speaking fees Hillary has received from Goldman Sachs, said, “Listen, voters are angry, and I don’t blame them, because they’ve been watching a Washington that has been divisive, that hasn’t worked together. And I believe we need a candidate who’s not going to further divide this country, but who’s going to unite it. That’s one of the reasons I’m supporting Hillary.”

After anchor Craig Melvin protested that this wasn’t an answer to the question and followed up. Shaheen said, “it doesn’t matter whether you support that or not. The fact is, that’s in the past, just as Bernie’s socialism, he claims, is in the past.”

(h/t Real Clear Politics)

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