Donald Trump: I’ll Be at as Many Caucuses as I Can on Monday

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to guests during a campaign rally at
Scott Olson/Getty Images

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump told his supporters that he’s going to the Iowa caucuses on Monday.

“I’ll be there,” Trump told supporters at his third campaign rally on Saturday evening, adding, “as many as I can go to!”

Liberty University president Jerry Falwell, Jr. – who previously endorsed Trump – spoke to the crowd and joined Trump on stage for the rally. “We need a businessman,” Falwell said. “We need somebody besides a career politician… who’s turned businesses around.” He added, “Donald Trump is uniquely qualified to run this country.”

Once Trump came out on stage to join him, Falwell said, “Another thing that attracted me to you is… I got to know Mr. Trump over the last four years… there’s some things about him that most people don’t know.”

Falwell went on to list a number of good deeds Trump has done. For example, Trump’s limousine once broke down on a deserted highway and a couple stopped to help. A few days later, Trump paid off their mortgage.

Falwell also referenced a young African American man in New York who ran a basketball tournament for inner city youth and died in the 9-11 attack. Trump located his father and donated money to keep the tournament going.

Falwell said that he also sees how much love and respect Trump’s children have for him, saying, “That says more about a man than almost anything else.”

“He cannot be bought and I love that about him,” Falwell added.

Trump and Falwell discussed the need for a businessman to get the country back on track financially. Trump touted his deal-making ability as an expert negotiator as the reason he should be the next Commander-in-Chief.

Falwell had officials from the Puppy Jake Foundation come up on stage, and Trump awarded them with a $100,000 check, part of the $6 million he raised on Thursday night for veterans and wounded warriors.

“This is our first disbursement,” Trump said of the money.

The Puppy Jake Foundation began in 2013 and raises dogs to aid military veterans who suffer from PTSD or have mobility issues.

“We truly appreciate these funds,” the official from the organization said, adding that five dogs can now be raised with the money.

“A presidential candidate on the campaign trail giving money away,” Falwell said in disbelief. “My father gave away so many scholarships he almost bankrupted our school, because he wanted to help others.”

“Another way that my father and Donald Trump remind me of each other,” he added. His father founded the Christian school, Liberty University.

“I got the best compliment of all,” Trump said to Falwell about being compared to his father.


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