Cheney on Hillary Emails: ‘Pretty Serious Stuff,’ ‘Strange,’ ‘Does Raise Doubts’

In an interview with CNN’s Jamie Gangel, former Vice President Dick Cheney weighed in on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s controversial email server.

According to Cheney, the arrangement Clinton, a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, had raises questions about her candidacy.

“It’s pretty serious stuff,” Cheney said. “I do think it raises very serious questions about judgment. I’ve never heard her really explain why she had the system the way she did and what about those 30,000 (emails), or however many it is, she destroyed.”

“It’s strange. There’s unanswered questions there and it does raise doubts, I think, legitimate issues to be discussed, when you’re evaluating somebody to be the commander in chief,” he added.

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