Jeb Bush’s New Ad: Donald Trump’s ‘Deep Insecurity and Weakness’

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According to Jeb Bush’s new ad in New Hampshire, Donald Trump is a bully with “deep insecurity and weakness.”

The ad is a compilation of Trump’s most memorable and perhaps outrageous campaign statements, and ends with Bush urging voters to choose a principled candidate instead, as The Hill reports.

One of the clips is Fox News host Megyn Kelly saying, “Donald Trump has a woman problem.” Another is of Trump saying about former prisoner-of-war Sen. John McCain, “I like people who weren’t captured.”

“It is not a sign of strength — it is not a sign of strength — when you say that a POW is a loser because they got caught,” Bush asserts in the ad. “John McCain is a hero. It is not a sign of strength disparaging the disabled in this country. It is not, it is a sign of deep insecurity and weakness.”

“I’m sick and tired of politicians that find ways to disparage people to make themselves look strong,” Bush continues. “It is not strong to insult women.”

Bush concludes the ad by saying, “I will defeat Hillary Clinton and we will restore America’s greatness.”

Bush finished in sixth place in the Iowa caucuses.


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