Kasich To Go ‘Home To Ohio’ If New Hampshire Doesn’t Pan Out

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Ohio Governor John Kasich, who is running for the Republican nomination for President, says he will drop out of the race if he gets “smoked” in New Hampshire.

“If I get smoked here I’m going home to Ohio…but I really want to go on and it’s going to depend on this state how I do,” he told supporters in New Hampshire on Wednesday.

“Our campaign will take a look at how we do on the 10th of February and then we’ll make a decision,” Kasich added. “We expect to finish high. I’ve said all along, if we get smoked up there, you know, I’m going back to Ohio. We don’t think that’s going to happen.”

At a Bloomberg Politics event in Manchester, New Hampshire, he added: “If we don’t do well, we’re not going to be dragging around like some band of minstrels who beg people to come to our show.”

The Ohio Governor has dedicated most of his resources towards New Hampshire.

On Tuesday, Kasich joked that he would reunite Pink Floyd when he became President, which created a buzz on social media. He has otherwise not received much media coverage.

Kasich, who has been endorsed by major left-wing papers such as the New York Times and the Boston Globe, has struggled to obtain support from Republican voters, though polling in New Hampshire has shown he remains in the fight for Concord’s delegates.

A Harper Poll published Wednesday showed Kasich in third place in New Hampshire, with 12 percent support. A UMass/7News tracking poll estimates he will obtain seven percent of the vote, good for fifth place in the organization’s survey.

He finished in eighth place in the Iowa Caucus, garnering only 1.9 percent of the vote there.


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