Donald Trump Sign Vandalized in California

Trump sign defaced (Kerri Youngdale)
Kerri Youngdale

Donald Trump supporter Kerri Youngdale arrived home from Sunday morning church service to a vandalized Trump for President campaign sign in her yard, and eggs splattered across her garage.

The message scrawled on the sign read: “f*** you a-hole.”

Youngdale told local ABC News affiliate 10 News that 2016 is the first presidential campaign cycle in 20 years that she has been so passionate about a candidate to put up a yard sign.

The Oceanside, California resident was greeted by profane messages, including “f*** you, f*** you a-hole.” The graffiti was signed, “a Mexican.” The vandal also drew a smiley face on the sign.

The sign had only been up since Thursday, four days ahead of Youngdale’s report of vandalism.

Youngdale seemed to take the “Mexican” writing on the sign and interpret the motivation for damage to the issue of illegal immigration.

Trump has made illegal immigration from Mexico a key issue in his campaign. He has also pledged, as many conservative candidates have, to build a wall on the United States’ southern border with Mexico. Trump has made the unique addition of saying he would make Mexico pay for the wall.

Trump wrote of his immigration reform plan, “For many years, Mexico’s leaders have been taking advantage of the United States by using illegal immigration to export the crime and poverty in their own country (as well is in other Latin American countries).”

After losing a 2008 bid for president Sen. John McCain promised to “build the danged fence” during a contentious 2010 bid for re-election to the U.S. Senate. The broken promise has not fallen from the minds of Arizonans watching the entrenched Republican in his 2016 fight against serious primary challenger Dr. Kelli Ward. In November McCain went so far as to mock Trump’s border wall proposal despite McCain’s prior campaign season promise.

Fellow Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) also pledged, “[W]e’re going to build a wall” at Saturday’s ABC GOP presidential debate in New Hampshire.

Oceanside resident Youngdale said she understands people have different views on dealing with the issue of illegal immigration, but called on people to act with their vote.

In a bold, Trump-like move, Youngdale has determined to leave the sign up despite the f-bomb vandalism–complete with an open invitation to the mystery vandal.

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