Bernie Sanders’s Millennial Voters Are Naive, Says Clinton Ally in Congress


Sen. Bernie Sanders’s millennial supporters are inexperienced and may not understand that his political program is unrealistic, claimed Democratic Rep. George Butterfield.

Rep. Butterfield is a Hillary Clinton ally from a North Carolina district which was recently judged unconstitutional because of its racially skewed population.

Butterfield spoke Friday, according to The Hill, as Democratic groups in Washington D.C. rushed to aid Clinton following her shocking and lopsided primary defeat in New Hampshire. The next hurdle for Clinton comes when she faces Sanders in South Carolina’s Feb. 27 caucus.

“I hope the students would understand the big picture, and that is, Sen. Sanders’s message might be appealing, but is it realistic?” Butterfield said Wednesday.

Butterfield attributed Sanders’s success with millennials to the “inexperience” of those young voters.

“Many of these are first-time voters, and Sen. Sanders’s message resonates with a younger generation because of the promises that he’s making,” Butterfield said. “It’s not a disparagement on the new voters. It’s the fact that many of them are inexperienced and have not gone through an election cycle before.

“You listen to the message, and then you make a second evaluation about whether it’s realistic.”

Last week, the borders of Butterfield’s sprawling, multi-fingered district were declared unconstitutional because various disconnected patches of the state were combined by state legislators to ensure a majority of one race.

The district is 51 percent black and 45 percent white, giving Butterfield a safe, lopsidedly Democratic district, according to Wikipedia. Butterfield identifies himself as African-American. He is now chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus.


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