Carrier Denies That It Received or Will Claim $5.1 Million from Stimulus

An air conditioner bears the Carrier logo in Omaha, Neb., Tuesday, April 21, 2009. United Technologies Corp. said Tuesday its first-quarter profit fell 28 percent as the industrial conglomerate coped with falling orders related to the drop in office and residential construction. Declines were led by Carrier, with profit plunging …
AP Photo/Nati Harnik

Carrier Corp., the HVAC manufacturer which recently announced layoffs of 1,400 employees to relocate production to Mexico, denies that it has received any monetary benefits from President Obama’s stimulus programs.

Local media reported the “Department of Energy awarded Carrier $5.1 million in clean energy tax credits in December 2013” for its Indianapolis facility. They planned to use the money to “expand production at its Indianapolis facility to meet increasing demand for its eco-friendly condensing gas furnace product line.”

“We have not received and will not claim the $5.1 million federal tax credit,” Michelle Caldwell, Carrier’s Manager of Marketing Communications, told Breitbart News. “We are evaluating other grants and credits that have been awarded and will not retain or claim any credits for obligations that have not been met.”

However, at the time, John Gibbons, director of Carrier’s residential product and platform strategy, said the cash “has been instrumental in helping Carrier’s Indianapolis manufacturing facility accelerate production of our high-efficiency gas furnace line.”

From the Department of Energy:

Energy Efficient Buildings: With the support of $5.1 million in 48C Program tax credits, Carrier Corporation will expand production at its Indianapolis facility to meet increasing demand for its eco-friendly condensing gas furnace product line. The new line includes the most energy efficient gas furnaces on the market – all with at least 95 percent annual fuel utilization efficiency

Caldwell has not answered questions from Breitbart News about the Department of Energy listing.

Carrier officials will meet with union members to discuss the company’s decision to layoff 1,400 employees and move the jobs to Mexico.

United Steelworkers Local 1999 President Chuck Jones wants to convince Carrier to stay in Indianapolis. He also wants to know why the company plans to relocate even though they received $5.1 million in stimulus money from President Obama’s administration.

“Corporate greed,” employee Franks Staples said of Carrier’s announcement. “I’ve worked hard over the years for this company and they don’t care.”


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