Jeb Bush Ridiculed for Tweeting Photo of Handgun

Jeb Bush / Twitter
Jeb Bush/Twitter

Jeb Bush is being ridiculed for a February 16 tweet containing a photo of a handgun and the word, “America.”

The top of the handgun is etched with the words, “Gov. Jeb Bush.”

Numerous gun control advocates responded to Bush by tweeting about the number of firearm-related deaths annually in America. They did not mention how high a concentration of such deaths takes place in heavily gun-controlled, Democrat-run cities like Baltimore, Chicago, Houston, Milwaukee, New York City, Philadelphia, and St. Louis.

Prominent gun controller Michael Moore responded to the photo of the gun by tweeting, “This tweet is perhaps the most shameful, disgusting and repulsive statement ever made by a candidate for President.”

Piers Morgan responded to Bush’s tweet with, “Are you ****ing kidding me??????”

New York magazine’s Jonathan Chait mockingly tweeted, “I know your campaign has not worked out so far, Jeb Bush, but you have a lot to live for.”

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