After Rubio Debacle, Cruz Asks For National Spokesman Rick Tyler’s Resignation

Republican presidential candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) participates in a CNN South Carolina Republican Presidential Town Hall February 17, 2016 in Greenville, South Carolina.
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Numerous reports are now circulating that Ted Cruz has asked for the resignation of Rick Tyler, his Communications Director. Tyler, a talented and well-known campaign operative, published something untrue about Marco Rubio’s faith Monday and was later forced to publicly apologize.

According to Politico, Cruz told a scrum of reporters, “Our campaign should not have sent it. That’s why I’ve asked for Rick Tyler’s resignation.”

Within minutes, Trump commented on Twitter:

Tyler posted a video that falsely claimed (using subtitles) Rubio told a staffer that there are “not many answers” in the Bible. The truth is that Rubio said, “all of the answers” are in the Bible. Once the truth came out Monday morning, Tyler published an apology on Facebook. Rubio didn’t let it go. The Florida Senator demanded accountability, and now Tyler is out.

This has been a huge distraction for the Cruz campaign. News of the resignation will also be a distraction coming at the worst possible time for the Texas Senator and presidential aspirant. Tomorrow is the Nevada Caucus and we are just 8 days out from Super Tuesday.


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