Cruz SuperPAC Chair Kellyanne Conway: Ted Cruz Leading in Texas and Ahead of Establishment ‘Chosen One’ Marco Rubio in Florida

Washington, DC

Pollster and president of the Sen. Ted Cruz -aligned Super PAC “Keep the Promise” Kellyanne Conway told Breitbart News Daily host Stephen K. Bannon on Sirius XM that Cruz is leading the primary polling in Texas and ahead in Florida before Florida’s own Senator Marco Rubio who she says is now in effect the establishment’s “chosen one” or “messiah” — a position which she points out didn’t work very well for Jeb Bush or Chris Christie before him.

Conway said that Rubio isn’t even confident he can win a single state, pointing out that Rubio won’t predict a single victory for himself before Florida, where he “is currently losing to both Trump and Cruz.”

“The ‘chosen one’ has to wait until March 15 to win his home state. That’s the Rudy Giuliani strategy,” she said. “That’s supposed to scare Donald Trump, that Marco Rubio’s going to go win Florida, where Rubio is currently losing to both Trump and Cruz in the polls? Meanwhile, Cruz is winning in his home state of Texas by seven points.”

“Looking at Super Tuesday, this has always been seen as a big day for Ted Cruz … I think Ted Cruz has a better chance of winning his home state of Texas than Marco Rubio has of winning his home state of Florida,” she added.

“Rubio has fewer delegates. People want Cruz to drop out. Why doesn’t Rubio drop out,” said Conway.

She also went on to hit Rubio has basically a fast-talker. “Rubio never actually talks about substance,” she said. “I was offended he actually gave an inaugural address the other night” in South Carolina.

While not coordinating with the Cruz campaign, Conway’s Cruz-aligned Super PAC does plan to hit Rubio. “We’ll be hitting Rubio on his tax plan. It’s a disaster. We’ll be hitting him on his absenteeism,” she said. “Rubio wants to run on bio and bravado. Cruz wants to run on philosophical differences and Conservative purity.”

The entire interview can be heard below. Breitbart News Daily airs from 6AM-9AM EST on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125.


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