Sources: Georgia Lt. Gov. Will Attempt to Torpedo Campus Carry in Senate

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On February 22, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that the Georgia House passed campus carry, with House Speaker David Ralston (R-Blue Ridge) saying, “The Second Amendment does not stop at the edge of a campus.” Thereafter, sources alleged that Georgia Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle (R) does not support campus carry and that he plans to torpedo it while it is in the hands of the Senate.

One source, a pastor, used Facebook to relay a conversation he had with Lt. Gov. Cagle. He has since removed the Facebook post, but captured a screenshot. It shows that Lt. Gov. Cagle allegedly assured the pastor that he did not think campus carry legislation “was responsible and he did not think that those external gun lobby powers pushing these kinds of things through were positive forces or truly representative of the Republican Party.” Cagle allegedly said, “He does not agree with this and other legislation being pushed upon our state.”

On Thursday, Breitbart News contacted Lt. Gov. Cagle’s office to confirm that he actually said these things and plans to torpedo campus carry.

We followed our call with an email, which said:

[We] called you earlier and [are] following up with an email to try to get a clarification on Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle’s position on Campus Carry. We have sources telling us he does not support it; that he may even attempt to stifle its passage in the Georgia Senate. We are running a story today on this and would like comment from the Lt. Gov. (or from you on his behalf) refuting these things or explaining his position on Campus Carry.

Later that day, we received an email from Cagle’s press secretary, Adam Sweat, providing the following statement from Cagle’s office:

Lieutenant Governor Cagle fully supports Georgians’ gun rights and freedoms. He has always been a true believer and defender of our 2nd Amendment rights, and those who would question his position should look at his proven pro-gun record. As it pertains to the recently House passed Campus Carry bill, the committee will do its due diligence and we look forward to Senate consideration following crossover day.

On Friday, Breitbart News called Cagle’s press secretary and pointed out that the statement in the email did not answer our question. We wanted to know if Cagle opposed campus carry and if he had plans to obstruct it. We were told that crossover day is Monday and that Cagle will not be commenting on the bill until it comes to the Senate then. Sweat stressed again that Cagle “has [a] lifetime A+ rating from [the] NRA.”

None of this explains whether Cagle, a man expected to run for governor in 2018, is going to support the rights of concealed carry permit holders to be armed on campus or whether he is going to take the position of Democrats–that guns cannot be carried on campus for self-defense.

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