Marco Rubio Mocks ‘Empty Suit’ Protester at Campaign Rally

Marco Rubio
AP Photo/Steven Senne

PURCELLVILLE, VA — Sen. Marco Rubio mocked a protester in Virginia this afternoon after linked protesters disrupted his rally by holding up signs accusing the Florida Senator of being an “empty suit.”

As Marco Rubio was speaking at an event in the Patrick Henry University gymnasium, two signs sprang up behind him reading, “Marco Rubio Empty Suit.”

Marco Rubio turned around and read the signs out loud before responding to the protester.

“Well at least this suit isn’t made in China. It’s not a Trump suit,” he said, as supporters tore at the signs chanting, “Marco! Marco! Marco!”

“Ladies and gentlemen, the valedictorian of Trump University,” Rubio shot back.

Rubio also had audio problems during his rally, as both his microphone and his backup microphone went dead.

Rubio repeatedly tapped the mic looking for sound before abandoning his effort entirely and speaking without it.

But the crowd in the back began shouting that they couldn’t hear him, leaving him silent while his supporters shouted their support.

After an awkward period of silence, the audio was restored, allowing him to continue his speech.


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