Rangel: ‘As An American and As A Patriot’ I Don’t Think We Can Afford Trump

On Fox New Channel’s “Your World” on Wednesday, while discussing a potential Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton presidential race, Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) questioned what a potential Trump nomination could mean for the country.

Rangel said, “If we survive this, we ought to scrap this and have national primaries because last night, for me, shattered any hope that there would be any primaries that would be meaningful. This whole thing is between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and that’s just about it. I’m frightened as hell that Don Trump has shattered the two-party system. He’s intimidated Republicans from participating. And even though I’m quite happy as a Democratic, I’m quite concerned as a a patriot.”

He continued, “I think the Republican party, for all practical purposes on the national level is shattered and I don’t see any way it can be put back together. I’ve been through eight elections as a member of Congress, and I’ve talked with Republicans and Democrats —and I really believe that Hillary Clinton is going to not only going to receive Democratic support, but there would be a lot of Republicans who won’t vote at all or moderate Republicans who have already said publicly they would vote for her.”

He added, “As a food fight, as people insulting each other, I think that it may increase the viewership. But as an American and as a patriot, I don’t really think we can afford this.”

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