Glenn Beck Begs Rubio and Carson to Quit Race, Suggests Cabinet Posts in Cruz Administration


Glenn Beck took to Facebook last night to plead with Marco Rubio and Ben Carson to unite behind Ted Cruz’s candidacy to defeat Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. The radio host even suggested a “solution” to unify the party by making Rubio the Vice President and Carson the Surgeon General in a Cruz administration.

Beck issued multiple Facebook posts on Super Tuesday as results poured in across the country. The theme of the night for him was the need to narrow the field to defeat Trump – even if that meant Cruz, who Beck endorsed and has been actively campaigning for, had to drop out.

Early in the evening, before polls showed Cruz winning any states, Beck wrote:

Notice that no one is even covering Kasich and Carson?
They need to drop out! Depending on the delegate count tonight, either Cruz or Rubio needs to drop out. Unless it stays nearly tied as it is now, someone needs to do the right thing and narrow the field.

A little later, he wrote, “If this is the way it shakes out, it will be a two person race and others need to put the country over self.”

Addressing Rubio directly, he stated: “Marco, you are young. You will be president some day if you listen to the people. But if you continue to split the vote with out [sic] a real chance on winning due to delegate count, there may not be a country left to be president of.”

Beck then called on Carson, who has since signaled the end of his campaign, to quit the race, arguing that if he stays in, Christians may lose their religious liberties. Calling Carson a “good man and God fearing,” Beck reasoned, “If you stay in and your five percent is held away from the defeat of a guy who cannot be trusted to appoint Supreme Court justices with your values, we may lose our rights to practice Our [sic] faith.”

After the results came in showing Cruz’s victory in Texas and Oklahoma, Beck offered his “solution” to stop Trump:

Cruz now has three wins behind him. (Possibly more tonight)

Which brings me to a solution that someone should broker and we should begin to demand as Americans who all believe Trump cannot(should not) win:

President Ted Cruz
Vice President : Marco Rubio

If we really wanted to unite we would also add:

Treasury sec: Rand Paul
Surgeon General: Ben Carson
Supreme Court justice: Mike Lee

Let’s pull together and save the republic and avoid a brokered convention. He must pull out before the next round as they are all winner take all. Marco in Florida is double digits behind Trump.

A few posts later, Beck wrote that Trump’s “next move” would be to use “people like roger stone to put all other candidates against Cruz.”

He was apparently referring Roger Stone, a Republican strategist and Trump supporter who has written about the GOP establishment’s efforts to keep Trump from winning the nomination. One of those efforts includes keeping Ohio governor John Kasich in the race long enough to beat Trump in winner-take-all Ohio. Such a scenario would likely help Cruz, who is trailing behind Kasich and Trump in the Buckeye State, by keeping that large pool of delegates from Trump.

Nevertheless, Beck warned his audience to “Look for dirty tricks now that digs the divide even deeper” between the candidates opposed to Trump, as the frontrunner will try to keep them “apart” because a “deal between them stops trump [sic].”

Earlier in the evening, Beck, who is in Washington, DC, this week to deliver the keynote speech at CPAC, wrote: “I am in a hotel room in DC, alone monitoring the news and texts. In between, I am reading George Washington’s farewell address.”

He added that Washington’s famous speech, “foretells our time and troubles. It also shows us how to heal ourselves.”


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