Rubio: Anger, Fear Can Serve to Motivate Us But Will Not Solve Our Problems

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD — Saturday before an audience at the Conservative Political Action Conference outside of Washington, D.C., Republican presidential hopeful Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) addressed a packed room of attendees and offered his view of what it meant to be a conservative.

During that speech, he said conservatism wasn’t about anger or insults, which appeared to be a veiled shot at his opponent GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

“Conservatism has never been about fear or anger – not at its best,” Rubio said. “Do people have a right to be fearful of the future right now? Yes, because for over two decades, leaders in neither party solved the problems before us. Do people have a right to be angry about not just the political class but every institution in society? Absolutely, but neither anger nor fear will solve our problems. It can serve to motivate us, but will not solve our problems. What will solve our problems is a specific set of ideas built on bedrock principles that made America the greatest nation to begin with and applying those principles to the unique challenges of this century. Those principles aren’t complicated. It begins with the motion that this nation was founded on a powerful spiritual principle that our rights do not come from government. Our rights do not come from our laws. Our rights do not come from our leaders. Our rights come from God.”

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