Convicted Sex Offender Forced to Resign as Lead Voice for Transsexual Rights

AP Photo/Toby Talbot, File
AP Photo/Toby Talbot, File

After it was reported by Breitbart News this week Chad Sevearance was a convicted sex offender, he resigned his position as a leader in the effort in Charlotte, North Carolina for biological males to be able to use the lady’s room.

Sevearance was the President of the Charlotte Business Guild, a homosexual pressure group, and a lead voice in the press for the controversial city ordinance that would have also allowed men to shower in women’s locker rooms.

Sevearance was quoted frequently in the local press, particularly the influential Charlotte Observer.

A source made available to Breitbart News proof of Sevearance’s conviction for sexually assaulting a young boy when Sevearance worked as a youth minister in 1998, including a recent mug shot and police record, along with news reports from the time he committed the crime. Sevearance was convicted and sentenced to 10 years. He served two years and is required to register regularly as a sex offender, something he did as recently as last December.

After receiving the information about Sevearance, Breitbart News contacted the Charlotte Observer. At least one reporter who had covered Sevearance had no idea of his criminal past.

In announcing his resignation, Sevearance said he intends to sue Tami Fitzgerald of the N.C. Values Coalition, and Jason and David Benham, for allegedly releasing what is public information about Sevearance’s sex offender status. He says use of the sex offender registry can only be used for informing the public or protecting a person and that Fitzgerald and the Benhams used it for “intimidation, threats, and harassment.”

Sevearance says the fact of his sexual assault on a young male had nothing to do with the ordinance that would potentially allow sex offenders access to opposite sex bathrooms. He said his sex offender status “….detracts from the real conversation we are having.”

The source who came to Breitbart was frustrated because local press were not interested in the story and neither were local City Councilmen.


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