Maher Jokes About Deaths of Trump, Cheney

HBO host Bill Maher joked about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and former Vice President Dick Cheney dying on Friday’s “Real Time.”

After talking about the sudden death of the space invaders in the “War of the Worlds” movie, Maher stated, “That’s my fantasy. Trump will be up there one day, ‘I am the greatest –.'” Maher then mimicked Trump dying.

Later, he said, “I’ll just say this, something spooky, a little bit spooky is going here — going on here at ‘Real Time.’ Because two weeks ago, I mentioned Antonin Scalia, and he died later that night. And last week, I mentioned Nancy Reagan, and she died the next day. So this is a reminder life is short, we all have to go sometime, and a quick story about Dick Cheney.”

He added, “I don’t wish Dick Cheney dead, okay? I can’t control that anyway.”

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