Ted Cruz Bids Farewell to Marco Rubio, Welcomes Supporters ‘with Open Arms’

HOUSTON, TX - MARCH 15: Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) speaks at a watch party on March 15, 2016 in Houston, Texas. Cruz is in a tight race with Donald Trump in the Missouri GOP primary, while Trump took Florida, North Carolina, and Illinois. Gov. John Kasich won …
Bob Levey/Getty Images

Sen. Marco Rubio got a friendly farewell from 2016 presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz late Tuesday night, who needs every extra supporter he can get.

Cruz issued the following official statement:

Marco Rubio is a friend and a colleague who ran an optimistic campaign focused on the future of our party, conservative principles, and uplifting the American people. The Republican primary was stronger because of the ideas he brought forth. Marco’s story embodies the promise of our great nation. I know he will continue to be a champion for limitless opportunity in America, and I wish Marco, Jeanette, and their four kids the very best.

During his election-night speech–after Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, and Illinois were called but results from Missouri were still being counted–Cruz welcomed Rubio supporters “with open arms” to join in supporting his campaign.

Rubio suffered a decisive defeat in his home state to GOP frontrunner Donald Trump in the course of pivotal March 15 primary races in five states.

Shortly after Trump was declared the victor in winner-take-all Florida, Rubio addressed supporters in Miami with thank-yous as he admitted defeat and ended his pursuit of the presidency.

Trump won all of Florida’s 99 delegates on Tuesday. With 93 per cent reporting, Trump had 45.7 percent of the vote with Rubio far behind at 27 percent according to Fox News. Cruz came in at 17.1 percent, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich — who won his own state’s primary on Tuesday — came in at a mere 6.8 percent.

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