Bolton: Obama, Like EU Advocates, Views Sovereignty As ‘More Of a Problem Than a Solution’


Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton tells Breitbart News Daily about “Brexit” – Britain’s potential exit from the European Union – and President Barack Obama’s plans to interfere in the process.

Bolton published an article at the UK Telegraph arguing that Obama should let the British people make up their own minds about continued membership in the EU.

Host Stephen K. Bannon asked Bolton about the letter sent by five members of Parliament, plus a member of the European Parliament, asking Obama to stay away. Bolton said he added his voice to the effort because he worries that Obama’s view of sovereignty for the United States “looks a lot like what the people in the European Union who want what they call ‘ever-closer union’ think about the national sovereignty of the EU members – that they view it as more of a problem than a solution.”

“I worry that the United States, through various international commitments, and international organizations, could drift into situations where our ability to do what we decide through our representative government, and Constitutional processes, ends up being precluded,” he continued.

He noted that the British face such infringements on their sovereignty every day: “They get these deals made by bureaucrats in Brussels that come back to the British Parliament, and there are estimates that something like half, or two-thirds, of the laws that Parliament passes… they’re not making their own decision, they have to pass them, because they’ve been agreed by EU negotiators in Brussels headquarters.”

“I think it’s very important to tell the British that not all Americans agree with Obama, and in fact I think America would benefit if British voters decided, in the referendum that’s coming up, to leave the European Union,” Bolton advised.

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You can listen to the full interview with John Bolton below:


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