CNBC’s Jim Cramer: Trump ‘Right About Trade’

Thursday on CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” Jim Cramer, host of his network’s “Mad Money,” argued that Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump was on the right side when it comes to trade.

Cramer said that over the last decade, U.S. trade deals have tended to favor other countries as far as surpluses go and that Trump’s trade policy proposals would lend themselves to be pro-worker.

“I’m with Trump on this,” he explained. “Look, we lose on every trade deal. I ask all these people from either party: name me one trade deal we have had a surplus on in the last decade. They can’t name any. I always find it amusing to think people don’t seem to mind that we lose in these deals because we’re able to export a lot of premium products that are not made necessarily by people in our workforce.”

“People should understand this has been his view from day one,” he added. “It has always been pro-worker. Have people not been paying attention to what this man has been saying about the trade deals? He’s been right the whole way.”

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