Penny Nance: Stopping Merrick Garland Will Be a ‘Cage Match,’ ‘Most Important Battle of Our Lives’

US Supreme Court nominee Judge Merrick Garland speaks after being nominated by US Presiden

Penny Nance, president of Concerned Women For America, warns on Breitbart News Daily that conservatives face the most important battle of their lives in opposing Obama’s liberal Supreme Court pick, Merrick Garland.

“This is a very important moment in the republic. This is why the people gave the Senate back to the Republicans. This is a check and balance in a president who’s out of control,” Nance told host Stephen K. Bannon.

The media, Obama, and the Democratic party will place enormous pressure on Republican Sens. Chuck Grassley and Mitch McConnell to confirm Garland, according to Nance.

“It is going to be a cage match… This is the most important battle of our lives,” she recalled saying to hundreds of volunteer leaders in her group.

“This battle — what hangs in the balance is every issue every one of your listeners care about,” she said, naming concerns from preserving the Second Amendment to traditional marriage. “The New York Times placed [Merrick Garland]… to the left of [Justice Elena] Kagan. So this is a very liberal nominee. Of course. This is such a liberal president who thinks the Constitution is a living, breathing document.”

“The Court hangs in the balance now,” she continued. “And this next pick will decide for generations to come, for the next forty or maybe fifty years of what is going to happen on all the issues we care about. And by the way, this is not just going to be one pick. The next administration will choose two or three more.”

“In over eighty years, there hasn’t been a Supreme Court nominee confirmed in the last year of a president’s administration. We’re not going to change that now just because the Democrats want their way. This is so much bigger. The Senate’s doing their job. We need to encourage and thank them for that,” she added.

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