Black Lives Matter Named Grand Marshall of San Francisco Gay Pride Parade

Paulo Torres, left, dances with his husband, Victor Tsang, right, after the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade, June 28, 2015 in San Francisco, California.
Max Whittaker/Getty Images

The radical anti-police activist group Black Lives Matter is being tapped to be a Grand Marshall at this year’s San Francisco Gay Pride Parade.

As the official announcement posted on the San Francisco Pride website makes clear, the gesture is a recognition of the leftist alliance between groups with a leftist agenda including a web of social causes including illegal immigrants and ex-convicts:

An international network of more than 30 chapters working for the validity of Black life, Black Lives Matter is working to (re)build the Black liberation movement and affirm the lives of all Black people, specifically Black women, queer and trans people, people who are differently abled, and those who are undocumented and formerly incarcerated. Centering on those who are marginalized within Black liberation movements, Black Lives Matter imposes a call to action and response to state-sanctioned violence against Black people, as well as the virulent anti-Black racism that permeates our society.

The alliance is not surprising, given the self-described outlook of the movements three cofounders Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi and Alicia Garza.

In fact, Garza herself was one of the grand marshals of last year’s San Francisco gay pride parade and related events. In a 2015 article at the Bay Area Reporter, Garza’s background as a community organizer is described:

Garza, 34, grew up in Marin County, and she’s since lived in San Francisco and Oakland. She’s now the special projects director at the National Domestic Workers Alliance.

In 2012, when Black Lives Matter first went viral, Garza was co-executive director at People Organized to Win Employment Rights, a nonprofit based in the Bayview. She headed campaigns to fight Lennar, a developer that scooped up acres of waterfront land for a pittance, and for free Muni for youth. But when she was fighting these local economic battles, she said, it was through a lens of queer black liberation.

Black Lives Matter is the Black Panther Party, reimagined by lesbian community organizers with smart phones.

BLM is now at the center of the radical left’s coalition of disaffected, angry people who see themselves as oppressed minorities. Targeting alienated Americans who identify themselves as being part of a class of victims is only way the left can raise an army to fight the Republicans every step of the way from now until election day.

But before the fight, the tribes will gather to party.

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