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Black Panther Corruption Makes Case For Mandatory Minimums

The current drive for “criminal justice reform” that is snaking its way through congress with bipartisan support seeks to get rid of “mandatory minimum” sentences, but the confessions of radical communists from the famed Black Panthers shows the folly and danger of giving judges completely free rein on sentencing.

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ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Blames ‘War on Drugs’ for Inner City Violence

On Monday’s “First Take” on ESPN2, personality Stephen A. Smith attacked former President Ronald Reagan’s “war on drugs,” blaming it for the “frustration” and “violence” of African-Americans and other inner city residents today. Smith, who was originally reacting to the

On Monday's "First Take" on ESPN2, personality Stephen A. Smith …

Sick Hate Tweets Against Nancy Reagan Expose Left’s Deadly Agenda

The firehose of bile from Twitter users at the death of former First Lady Nancy Reagan on Sunday reveals the success of leftist radicals’ attempts to rewrite the facts of the War on Drugs, the program put into place by Ronald Reagan with the support of Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign. That revisionist history is a key component of the current “mass incarceration” movement that is aimed not only at putting dangerous felons back on the street, but also in turning them into both foot soldiers in the revolution and a voting bloc for Democrats.


Watch: Harris-Perry Laments the ‘Criminalization’ of Latino Communities

During her Saturday show on MSNBC, Melissa Harris-Perry reacted to being told one-third of the prisoners being released by President Barack Obama would be deported and noted the “new very aggressive criminalization” of Latino communities. “This seems so critical to me that even as

During her Saturday show on MSNBC, Melissa Harris-Perry reacted to …

MSNBC Guest: Criminal Justice Reform Must Be ‘Across the Board’

Saturday, during MSNBC’s “Melissa Harris-Perry,” host and executive producer of Democracy Now! Amy Goodman reacted to President Barack Obama’s executive order to eliminate the section on a job application for criminal history, saying criminal justice reform has to be “across the board.” “It is


Bill Ayers: ‘Beautiful’ Idea to Indict NRA in People’s Tribunal

Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, and James Kilgore—three communist revolutionaries who were part of domestic terror groups and who all spent years on the run from the law—approved as a man called for “citizen’s tribunals” against the National Rifle Association to be held at the United Nations.

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