Ted Cruz Refuses to Disavow Lindsey Graham Endorsement

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Sen. Ted Cruz refuses to disavow the endorsement of Sen. Lindsey Graham, Congress’ most zealous advocate for wage-cutting mass migration, foreign military interventionism, and donor-driven attacks on GOP voters.

As the “Never Trump” movement continues to battle against the Republican electorate who has voted for Donald Trump, Sen. Graham has come out in support of Cruz, the newly-annointed choice of many party insiders.

“I think the best alternative to Donald Trump to stop him from getting to 1,237 is Ted Cruz, and I’m going to help Ted in every way I can,” Graham told CNN.

On Monday, Graham—who had previously endorsed Jeb Bush for president and midwifed the Gang of Eight bill with amnesty-partner Marco Rubio— will headline a fundraiser in support of the Canadian-born Senator.

“Anyone who refuses to follow our current existing immigration laws puts Americans at risk. That’s treason. The founders of his country and the framers of our constitution would agree,” said Cruz constituent Dan Golvach when asked about Lindsey Graham. A Texas voter who supports Trump, Golvach lost his 25 year-old son when “an illegal alien randomly chose my son’s head for target practice.”

Trump surged as the Republican Party’s frontrunner on his campaign platform of deporting illegal aliens, promoting trade deals that prioritize the interests of American workers, and rejecting the party elites’ desire for increased military adventurism.

Ted Cruz, by contrast, wrote an op-ed urging Congress to fast track Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). No fast-tracked trade agreement has ever been defeated.

Sen. Graham’s energetic endorsement of Cruz – and Cruz’s refusal to disavow the endorsement of a man who many believe betrayed the American people with his unyielding push for mass migration – will no doubt raise questions as to whether Cruz still supports his 2013 amendments to radically expand immigration.

Graham, as a backer of the 2013 Rubio-Schumer amnesty plan and the 2007 McCain-Kennedy amnesty plan before that, is perhaps the Republican Party’s most outspoken proponent of open borders immigration policies.

Perhaps more than anyone, Sen. Graham has attacked GOP voters, lawmakers, and thinkers for opposing mass migration policies.

Indeed, one of the most extreme declarations in support of dissolving America’s borders was articulated in a 2007 address Lindsey Graham gave to La Raza. In his remarks, Graham argued that being American “is an idea” and that “no group owns being an American.”

In his address to La Raza, Graham assures his audience he will tell the “bigots” who oppose amnesty—presumably many of whom are his own Republican constituents in South Carolina— to “shut up.”

The answer to me in solving the immigration problem is just focusing on what it means to be an American. That’s the key to this problem An American is an idea. No group owns being an American. Nobody owns this. It’s an idea that’s unique to the planet and one of the center pieces of this idea is that you come here trying it knock it out of the park as a person… and the reason that I have gotten involved in this is because Sen. McCain started talking to me about it from an Arizona perspective and I want to than Sen. John McCain for being a leader [applause from La Raza group]. And I don’t do this much, but I want to thank Ted Kennedy because those two gentlemen got this thing started… Our immigration system is broken and we need to find a way to get people right with the law…we are going to solve this problem, we’re not going to run people down, we’re not going to scare them, we’re going to tell the bigots to shut up and we’re going to get this right.

In a back-and-forth email thread with Cruz’s campaign, Breitbart News asked several times whether Sen. Cruz disavowed Lindsey Graham’s endorsement, but the campaign refused to answer on multiple occasions.


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