CNN’s Gergen: ‘We’re Not Winning Against ISIS,’ Obama ‘Really Underplayed’ Brussels Attack

CNN Senior Political Analyst David Gergen, who advised Presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Clinton, stated that “we’re not winning against ISIS” and President Obama’s response to the attacks in Brussels, Belgium “really underplayed” and brushed off the attack on Wednesday’s broadcast of “AC360.”

Gergen said, “[P]eople are looking for more forceful action, to actually drive back ISIS, and right now, we’re not winning against ISIS. We have reduced the amount of territory they have in Syria and Iraq, but they’ve expanded elsewhere. And we now learned through the Associated Press they’ve trained up 400 fighters to go through Europe. Under those circumstances, I must tell you. I would tell the President, when you open your speech in Cuba to the Cuban people, in the 38-minute speech, and you only give 50 seconds to Brussels, you really underplayed. You have — you’ve sort of brushed it off. When you go to a baseball game, it looks a little frivolous. When you’re dancing like that. I even think the hard call, he should have thought about coming back, and gathering — people are looking for leadership here. I thinks that’s the critical issue for him. Restraint does not equal leadership when you’re under attack like this.”

(h/t Newsbusters)

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