New York Magazine: Trump’s Attacking Heidi Cruz for Depression ‘Disgraceful Move’

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Associated Press

Jesse Singal writes in New York Magazine:

The Republican primary campaign has been a complete circus. You’re familiar with the list by now: This race has included a thinly veiled reference to Megyn Kelly’s menstrual cycle, the slagging of Mexican immigrants as rapists, not-too-sly remarks about the size of multiple candidates’ penises, a joke about Donald Trump pissing himself, a proposalto “empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized,” and more.

Given how the GOP primary has gone down so far, the idea of it sinking into a “new low” is a bit hard to conceptualize. And yet a new low is exactly where it seems headed, now that Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi, has apparently been deemed fair game and dragged into her husband’s fight in as ugly a manner as possible.

This latest development was kickstarted by Trump’s tweet to Cruz the other night threatening to “spill the beans” about Heidi, sparking the brief spectacle of two presidential candidates openly beefing on Twitter. No one is entirely sure exactly what he meant, but his tweet is being widely read as a possible reference to a 2005 incident reported last year by McKay Coppins and Megan Apper of BuzzFeed:

Around 10 p.m. on the night of Aug. 22, 2005, the Austin Police Department dispatched Officer Joel Davidson to an intersection a couple miles west of the Texas city’s downtown. A passerby had called to report that a woman in a pink shirt was sitting on the ground near the MoPac Expressway with her head in her hands, and no sign of a vehicle nearby. When the officer arrived, he found the woman on a swath of grass between an onramp and the freeway. She said her name was Heidi Cruz.

You can read the rest of the story here:


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