Rob Reiner Says He Won’t Shoot in North Carolina Because of Anti-Trans Law

Rob-Reiner-Meathead CBS TV

Rob Reiner, who used to make some decent movies, including Stand by Me and The Princess Bride, has announced through the Human Rights Campaign, says he won’t shoot any movies in North Carolina and is urging his fellow filmmakers to make the same pledge.

Reiner is reacting to the newly passed law that forbids men and boys who claim to be females from showering and urinating in female facilities.

“Until this hateful law is repealed and LGBT North Carolinians are treated with the equal dignity they deserve, I will not film another production in North Carolina, and I encourage my colleagues in the entertainment industry to vow to do the same,” said Reiner.

Reiner’s most recent movies have been bombs. As It Goes, released in 2014, brought in an anemic $15 million.

In 2012 Reiner’s The Magic of Belle Isle grossed a minuscule $102,000 and was released in just ten theaters.

His 2010 movie Flipped grossed $1.7 million and opened in only 442 theaters.

Some may wonder how money-men let the man fondly remembered for playing Meathead on the iconic sitcom All in the Family make any movies at all, but he does have two new ones coming up, Being Charlie in May and LBJ sometime later this year.

Reiner’s threats could have an impact, though. Even movies that don’t sell tickets still employ the locals where they’re made.

The real test for Reiner is besides pledging not to shoot movies in North Carolina, whether he will ask his distributor not to show his two new movies anywhere in the state. Is he willing to forgo ticket sales and revenue for the sake of men who think they are women?


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