***Horse Race LiveWire*** Trump Meets with RNC After Shredding Loyalty Pledge

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Welcome to Breitbart News’s live updates of the 2016 horse race.

All times eastern.

10:05: Karl Rove suggests a “fresh face” should be nominated at a contested convention in an interview with Hugh  Hewitt:

9:59: Dolores Huerta uses Cesar Chavez day to praise Clinton:

9:52: MSNBC responds to Trump’s claims that his “convoluted” conversation with Matthews may have been edited. MSNBC aired the full exchange. Trump may have been referring to the soundbites/clip that other networks may have played:

9:36: When Maddow asks what Ginsburg was doing at RNC headquarters today, he says it had “nothing to do with” Trump’s meeting. He says he was at the building because he had a meeting with his friends and clients at the National Republican Congressional Committee two floors down.

9:35: Ben Ginsburg, the establishment Republican super lawyer who is the convention rules master, tells Rachel Maddow that there is not a rule in place for the 2016 convention until the delegates, who are not yet chosen for the most part, decide what the rules should be in Cleveland when asked about rule 40 (candidate must get a majority of the delegates from eight states to win the nomination). Ginsburg said in 2008, the rule was five states with a plurality and he suspects the rule will change in Cleveland again.

9:31: Maddow says there is a suspicion that Cruz is being “used like a mule” to get to a contested convention.

9:30: Booker stumps for Clinton in Wisconsin and claims on MSNBC that Clinton is transparent:

9:25: D.C. Dems say Sanders will be on ballot:

8:50: Rosario Dawson: “Shame on you, Hillary.” But she says she has to watch her “tone” because she wants another debate.

8:45: Sanders campaign blasts Clinton for bad favorability ratings in New York and fossil fuels:

8:30: Trump delivers ratings for even MSNBC:

8:25: Trump’s surrogates and others–like Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee–have urged Cruz to sue the National Enquirer to the put the story to rest. It sounds like Cruz is hesitant to do so:

8:20: Spike Lee introduced Sanders:

8:15: Crowd at Sanders rally chanting “Release the Transcripts.”

8:09: Trump says he had an “amazing” meeting with his foreign policy team and they agreed with him that other countries need to pay their fair share for NATO. He says other countries are benefit and “we’re paying the tab.” Trump says he doesn’t want to disband NATO and he never said that. But he says he doesn’t want to pay for “a vast majority” of the costs. He says America is not being treated fairly worldwide.

8:07: Trump says he’s the last person who would play the nuclear card but  you can’t take any cards off of the table.

8:06: Trump says Matthews abortion question was “a long, convoluted question.” He claims he has had the same stance on abortion as Ronald Reagan. He says it could be that he misspoke but it was a long “convoluted” discussion.

8:05: Trump says he didn’t address whether the “1237” number could be changed at a potential contested convention. Trump says he doesn’t believe anyone will want to play around with that number and he says he thinks he will get 1,237 delegates before the convention.

8:04: Cruz against Building New Chargers Stadium with Tax Hikes:

8:02: On Fox News, Trump says the RNC wanted to discuss “unity” during today’s meeting. Trump says his life has been about “unity” and he gets along with people very well. He tells Eric Bolling that the meeting was “mutually called.”

8:00: Sanders proud to have been born in New York:

7:55: On MSNBC, Chris Matthews wonders why Trump doesn’t have a murder board that gets him ready for questions he knows the media will ask. Simple preparation would have prevented most of Trump’s unforced errors this election cycle.

7:20: Cruz Leads Trump in Fox Business Network’s Wisconsin poll:

Cruz: 42%

Trump: 32%

Kasich: 19%

7:15: Sanders leads Clinton in Fox Business Network’s Wisconsin Poll:

7:10: Clinton campaign responds to Sanders on fossil fuels:

7:05: GRETA blasts the 16 “conservative” female anti-Trump writers who demanded Trump campaign fire Lewandowski: “Each of these women has now show herself in the foot… by taking sides in such a public way.”

6:45: Sanders campaign responds to Clinton’s outburst:

6:20: Progressives lining up to see Sanders in New York. And may reportedly are refusing to support Clinton:

5:50: Kasich also says Trump voters are more like to be Kasich voters than Cruz voters.

5:40: Voters Still Don’t Like Mitt. Romney’s favorability rating worse than Trump’s. Romney more unpopular among

5:30: Anti-Trump local Wisconsin radio host Charlie Sykes goes on MSNBC to get his low blow in on Fox News’s Sean Hannity. He accuses Hannity of being a Trump “fan boy.”

5:20: Hillary Snaps at Greenpeace Activist When Asked Challenged on Donations from Fossil Fuels Industry. She says she is “so sick” of Sanders’s campaign lying about her:

5:15: Jindal says he is not going to endorse between Cruz and Kasich. He says he endorsed himself first and then Rubio and his endorsement doesn’t mean much this election cycle. He says he wouldn’t feel comfortable serving in a Trump administration and says Trump would not ask him. He says he doesn’t have respect for him as a conservative.

5:12: Jindal says he is comfortable with Republicans doing whatever it takes, “in a fair way,” to stop Trump.

5:10: On MSNBC’s MTP Daily, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says hopefully this is the week that Trump “jumps the shark.” He says he is not a fan of Trump and there is still time to beat him but he is going to support his party’s nominee because the country can’t afford to have Clinton in the White House. Jindal asks Trump to convince conservatives that he will surround himself with strong conservatives in his administration.


5:00: Cruz’s nose keeps growing and growing in Kasich Super PAC’s Ad Slamming ‘Lyin’ Ted.’

4:58: Carly Fiorina, Heidi Cruz, Mike Lee to Campaign for Cruz in Wisconsin Tomorrow.

4:55: Kasich slams Trump: No ‘Do-overs’ in White House

“As a commander in chief and leader of the free world, you don’t get do-overs,” he said. “You need to be able to get it right the first time.”

4:45: Clinton Campaign Already Cuts Ad Featuring Trump’s Abortion Remarks:


4:20: RNC Spokeswoman on Trump Meeting:

4:15: Trump Has Won Electability Vote in Every State Except for Ohio since March 1:

4:13: Clinton Campaign Chair Says Sanders Should Be on D.C. Ballot:

4:10: GOP risks bad optics if Trump heads into convention with most delegates and loses nomination:

4:08: Will Trump’s pledge cost him delegates in South Carolina?



South Carolina GOP Chair responds:

4:05: Karen Giorno of the Trump campaign says everyone should be “offended” by Ted Cruz’s joke about wanting to run over Donald Trump.

3:55: Trump meets with RNC to talk about the convention, delegates.


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