Kasich Surrogate Sununu: ‘The Juvenile Antics of Trump and Cruz’ Don’t Win Votes

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Ohio Gov. John Kasich surrogate, former New Hampshire Sen. John Sununu, told Breitbart News Saturday host Matthew Boyle Kasich expects to run strong in some Wisconsin districts and pick up some delegates before moving on to states more friendly to the Ohio Republican.

Sununu went on to suggest Kasich will win in a contested convention, while dismissing the “juvenile antics” of competitors Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

Asked about Kasich seeming to stay above the fray as competitors Ted Cruz and Donald Trump battle it out, said Sununu, “The juvenile antics of Trump and Cruz, bringing families into it, all of that stuff, I don’t think it wins anybody any votes.”

As for a contested convention, said Sununu:

This is uncharted territory. They’re all just making wild guesses. Scott Walker? I feel bad for the guy. He’s a million dollars in debt. He was talking as if he was hoping they’d pick him, which is a little embarrassing given that he just endorsed Ted Cruz. I think it’s most likely the convention would look toward, at the very least, a candidate who has fought for this office. John Kasich, I think, its the most likely to come out of a contested convention. Why? Because he wins. He’ll beat Hillary Clinton. Every poll has shown him beating Hillary Clinton.

Sununu predicted that the GOP would lose the Senate and the House if Donald Trump is the nominee. He did not, however, point to any states Kasich has been able to win in the current primary since winning his home state of Ohio.

Said Sununu of Wisconsin:

We’ll see how it comes out. He’ll win delegates and then we go to the Northeast where he runs even stronger in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York, and Rhode Island. He’s running much stronger than Ted Cruz in those states and will continue to win votes and win delegates. I think everyone is starting to understand that no one is going to get to Cleveland with a majority, and the delegates at the convention are going to have a tough job and an important job—pick a candidate that can get things done, that can turn the country around and that can beat Hillary Clinton.

Sununu also hit Trump and Cruz for their lack of political accomplishment. “Ted Cruz can’t talk about what he has done. Has he cut anyone’s taxes? No,” said Sununu, contrasting that with Kasich’s record in Ohio. Moving on to Trump: “Has Donald Trump cut any regulations? No,” he said, again invoking elements of Kasich’s record as Ohio Governor.

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