Ted Cruz Picks Up More Delegates Ahead of Five More Colorado Votes

New York State Senator Ruben Diaz (L) and Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz (R) pose for pictures at the restaurant Sabrosura 2 on April 6, 2016 in the Bronx borough of New York City.)
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Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz picks up another three delegates in Colorado’s district 7 on Thursday, with another four districts voting and state level Republican party voting this weekend.

Former state representative Libby Szabo, Anil Mathai and George Athanasopoulos were elected as delegates to the July Republican National Convention in Cleveland according to the Denver Post. Mathai and Athanasopoulos were officially marked unpledged on a final list of potential district 7 delegates published by the Colorado Republican Party. The two unpledged delegates did appear on a slate for Cruz delegates according to reporter Benjy Sarlin.

The published list of National Delegate candidates in district 7 included 11 for Cruz, 4 for Donald Trump, 1 for Ohio Gov. John Kasich, 2 for Florida Senator Marco Rubio and 36 unpledged.

At the Thursday night meeting a slate of Trump candidates was handed out with three names, only one of which appeared to be listed on the final state party posted list. Another slate entitled “Open Convention Slate” that was handed out listed two unbound delegates and one for Kasich.

Another four Colorado districts will choose delegates on Friday, with each picking three to send to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. On Saturday Colorado Republicans from around the state will choose the remaining 13 of the state’s 37 delegates to the national convention.

During Saturday votes for National Delegates in Colorado’s district 1 and district 6 Cruz picked up six designated delegates.

A senior adviser with the Trump campaign told Breitbart News that among the many unpledged delegates in Colorado are those that are for Trump, but have strategically remained officially unpledged.

MSNBC’s Dana Bash pressed Cruz during a Thursday interview on whether he had a plan to win over delegates for second and third ballot voting in the event of a contested convention.

Cruz responded, “We are doing everything we can.”

“Our full focus is on winning the nomination outright, but we’re putting an organization in place in the event of a contested convention,” Cruz spokesperson Catherine Frazier told Breitbart News this week. “We’re going to be ready to compete should it come to that. There’s a process in place. If no one gets the delegates required there’s a process in place. We will work within those parameters.”

Frazier indicated that the Cruz campaign intends to win the nomination with the majority of delegates, 1,237, but should it come to a contested convention, the Cruz campaign plans to be ready to win the nomination at the convention through the process in place.

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