Prank Calls at Fast Food Restaurants Cause Workers to Destroy Property

Prank Calls At Fast Food Restaurants Cause Workers to Destroy Property

Pranksters face felony charges after they convinced workers at numerous fast food restaurants to break windows due to a gas leak.

“I was a little scared,” said fast food worker Ethan Grewe at a Burger King in Minneapolis. “My other co-workers were doing it so I just followed along.”

The workers broke 22 windows “to clear out the air and prevent the building from exploding.” The female manager received instructions from the caller.

“He seemed to indicate he was monitoring the business remotely,” explained Capt. Tom Hawley. “He kept giving her updates, telling her if they didn’t act quickly to relieve pressure inside the building by breaking out windows the business would explode.”

The manager at the California Burger King drove his car into the building to prevent an explosion.

The same pranks occurred in Arizona and Oklahoma.

“We are touching base with (some) jurisdictions to see if they are related,” continued Hawley. “Whoever did this could be charged with several things, including felony terrorist threats and felony criminal damage to property.”


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