Roger Stone Blasts CNN, Megyn Kelly, Katie Pavlich, Brent Bozell for Folding to ‘Political Pressure’

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Roger Stone, veteran political strategist and Donald Trump defender, joined Breitbart News Saturday with guest host Matthew Boyle and talked about the media, specifically Fox News’ Megyn Kelly and CNN, for twisting his words to suggest he advocated for violence at the Republican National Convention.

“Having been a veteran of the 1968 campaign, I understand that any violence in Cleveland would be detrimental to Donald Trump’s chances in the general election,” Stone stated, adding that he’s “very disappointed in both CNN and Megyn Kelly for taking comments I made about our plans to march and have a peaceful protests, not violent protest. They truncate my remarks to imply I advocated violence.”

I can tell you in 1976, going to the delegate hotels, finding the individual delegates and buttonholing them, looking to covert [the] uncommitted, looking to shame those who are sitting in Trump delegate slots, but voting against Trump – those are all legitimate activities. They were done for Reagan and they should be done for Trump. But the allegation that I have called for mob violence by this foaming at the mouth Katie Pavlich, please read my entire interview, the entire interview. Don’t take a little bite out of it that gives a false impression.

Stone also responded to Media Research Center’s Brent Bozell, a Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) supporter – praising the media for taking Stone off the air.

“Very irresponsible of CNN to fold to political pressure in terms of whom and who should not be interviewed,” Stone said about being banned from appearing on CNN. “This seems to me to be dumping on the First Amendment.”

“I have made in the past offensive comments,” Stone told Boyle, citing the reason he was told he was banned. “Well, Brent Bozell makes anti-gay slurs constantly in the media.”

“It would be him,” that should be banned for those comments, Stone suggested.

Stone believes he was actually banned because “I’m effective,” adding that he has a problem of “blurting out the truth.”

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