Exclusive–Roger Stone: Trump Delegates Should Sign a Loyalty Pledge

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

When I called for Trump supporters to button-hole so-called Trojan Horse Trump delegates in their convention hotels and engage in a dialog with them last week, all hell broke loose.

CNN and Megyn Kelly both took my comments out of context to imply I was calling for violence in Cleveland. As a veteran of the 1968 Nixon campaign, I remember vividly how violence destroyed the campaign of Hubert Humphrey. The Soros-backed professional agitators expected to descend on Cleveland will be trying to incite violence must be ignored by Trump supporters at all costs. Violence would be counterproductive to Trump’s general election drive.

If either CNN or Ms. Kelly had played my entire interview rather than selectively editing it, or any one of the interviews I did they day, they would know I specifically renounced violence while urging an intense “dialog “to press those delegates — who were elected as Trump delegates but were inserted as quislings by the party bosses — not to betray Trump on a second ballot.

These “Trump” delegates give the anti-Trump forces a majority on questions of rules, credentials, and platform — all of which must be ratified or rejected by the full convention before the First ballot for President. This is where the big steal will take place.

The big steal happens even if Donald Trump hits the magic 1237! In the meantime, the Cruz forces seek to chisel delegates from Trump in states where he won primaries, which we see happening in Louisiana, Arkansas, and elsewhere — plus Colorado, where no primary or caucus took place.

The fix is in. The same insiders who have nearly destroyed the Republican Party are at it again, plotting in a backroom deal to block Donald Trump’s nomination as the GOP candidate for president. Trump has played by the rules and he’s winning big, fair and square. This lobbyist-led plot was concocted by the donor class and others who have bought and paid for the allegiance of the dishonest brokers of the Republican Party.

The Bushes, Mitt Romney, Paul Singer, the Ricketts, and Zuckerberg are driving the train for the Lobbyist/Insider Class committed to stopping Trump, led by my old partner Charlie Black, as shrewd and skilled a political operative as exists today.

Donald has wisely turned his delegate operation and drive for the nomination to another ex-partner of mine at Black, Manafort and Stone, Paul J. Manafort, Jr. He is a convention strategist in the league of Republican legends F. Clifton White, Bill Timmons and David R. Jones.

We at Stop the Steal, the grassroots uprising, and March on Cleveland will ask every Trump delegate to the Republican convention to sign a pledge that “they will remain committed to vote for the winner of the primary or caucus as chosen by the voters (Donald J. Trump )” through the entire balloting process. In other words, respect the will of the voters.

This will be a voluntary pledge. The voters will know whom they can trust — and who will play along with the insiders’ attempt to steal the nomination from Donald Trump. The media will know too. Then these “Trojan Horses” can explain why our votes don’t matter.


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