Dr. Sebastian Gorka: ‘Lone Wolf,’ ‘Violent Extremism’ Are Vague Terms Designed to ‘Make the Average Voter Stupid’ About Threat of Jihad

Bono, lead singer of the rock band U2 and co-founder of ONE, a non-profit, non-partisan advocacy organization, testifies during a Senate Appropriations Subcommittee hearing on Capitol Hill, April 12, 2016 in Washington, DC.
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Dr. Sebastian Gorka, National Security editor for Breitbart News and author of the new book Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War, joined host Stephen K. Bannon on Wednesday’s edition of Breitbart News Daily to talk about the security challenges posed by the great Middle Eastern migration to the West. 

Gorka did not think much of rock singer Bono’s suggestion to defeat ISIS by sending comedians Chris Rock, Amy Schumer, and Sacha Baron Cohen to “laugh at them while they are goose-stepping down the street” to “take away their power.”

“Well, I hope they’re gonna have Delta Force and JSOP protecting them, because they’re gonna get beheaded,” Gorka said of this bizarre proposal. “They put their foot on ISIS caliphate territory, and they’re dead, because they’re infidels.”

“I don’t think Bono understands: we are infidels, including him in his bulletproof little bubble,” Gorka continued. “He’s actually a worse kind of infidel, because he’s ‘infecting’ the Muslim world with his culture. He really doesn’t get it.”

He pointed out that the “bulletproof bubble” idea is important to understanding where the elites are coming from, because they’re literally out of touch with the effects of mass migration, while the common citizens of Western nations enjoy no such protection. “These people are the hard targets. They’ve got their armed security personnel, they’ve got their SUVs, they’ve got their private jets. Of course he’s gonna say, ‘Let’s have a concert, let’s have a comedian, and that’s gonna solve it all.’”

“If the people you’re talking to see you as people to be enslaved or killed, then you just don’t understand it. You’re in an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ fantasy world. The President and Bono included,” Gorka said.

He warned this willful blindness among Western political and cultural elites is causing us to lose the war against jihad, saying he couldn’t even see giving post-9/11 America an “F” grade on its response. “We get an incomplete,” he said. “We are not even on the battlefield. When you look at the ideology, you look at how they’re recruiting.”

He noted that 2015 saw “the highest incidence of jihadi plots on U.S. soil since September the 11th.”

“The day before San Bernardino, both the Commander-in-Chief and Secretary Kerry said, ‘We are winning, ISIS is contained,’” Gorka recalled. “Well, you know what? I guess the jihadis didn’t get the memo, because they are winning. They’re taking territory, they’re recruiting upwards of 80,000 jihadis, and look at Brussels, look at Paris.”

Gorka said President Obama’s occasional photo ops at locations like CIA headquarters could not conceal the fact that “he’s not into national security.”

“He just is not interested. You look at the body language, the verbiage he uses – it doesn’t excite him. He wants to be a celebrity on the golf course, or at the fundraisers for the DNC. That’s what excites this man,” Gorka continued.

He said the Administration’s preference for vague euphemisms for Islamist terrorism was part of a concerted effort to “keep you stupid.”

“Lone wolf, violent extremism – that’s designed to make the average voter stupid, so you don’t understand the threat, so that you disconnect the dots,” he charged. “These are people who will not talk truth to this enemy, because they do not believe in the existence of evil.”

“If you don’t believe in the existence of objective truth, you cannot believe in evil, and they will never call our enemies evil,” Gorka explained. “We don’t even use the word ‘enemy’ today. Think about that. We don’t use the word ‘enemy’ as a government.”

Having worked extensively with law enforcement and counter-terrorist officials, Gorka testified that “all of those guys get it,” describing them as angered by “institutional political correctness.”

“We need to change the leadership, but it’s the political appointees, it’s the brainwashed young Schedule C guys and girls in D.C.,” who present the major obstacle to winning the war against jihad, in Gorka’s estimation.   

“We have operators that get it, and they’re angry, and they’re frustrated. We have to help them and enable them, because we will win this war,” he declared, recalling Ronald Reagan’s often-quoted strategy for handling Russia in the Cold War: We win, they lose.

Gorka said victory would require a commitment from every American, including civilians. “Your role starts with educating yourself, educating your loved ones, and educating your neighbors at the barbecue this weekend. You need to understand the enemy,” he urged, offering his book, and his Gorka Briefing website, as educational resources.  

At TheGorkaBriefing.com, he said visitors will find free downloadable copies of “the enemy’s books, the books on jihad, from Qutb, Malik, Azzam, Ayman al-Zawahiri.” Gorka urged the audience to “listen to them, read them, understand the threat, and educate yourself so we can win this war.”

Looking back at the intense, coordinated political and strategic effort needed to contain communism, Gorka said he realized the “sad truth,” during his early days as a Defense Department employee, that “we cannot win this war with the current system we have.”  

He warned that presently only “outsiders” to government power, like himself, are talking about the true nature of the jihadi threat, a situation he compared to Winston Churchill’s status as a lonely, easily-dismissed voice warning of the growing Axis menace before World War II.

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