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Islamic State Attacks Increased in 2016, Even as Iraqi and Syrian Territory Lost

According to a new report from the University of Maryland, the Islamic State is still the world’s deadliest militant organization, perpetrating 1,400 attacks and killing over 7,000 people in 2016. This represented a hefty 20 percent increase over 2015, even though ISIS suffered crushing defeats in Syria and Iraq.

The Iraqi city of Mosul was officially declared retaken from ISIS last month in a key victory in the US-led coalition campaign in Iraq and Syria, which enters its fourth year this week

New Year’s Eve: Pro-Islamic State Group Urges Jihadis to Target Malls, Hospitals

An Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL)-linked group is urging “lone wolves” in the West to carry out attacks during the ongoing holiday season on “public venues including cinemas, malls and even hospitals,” and they are also advising Muslims to avoid locations hosting festivities in order to stay safe, reports The Foreign Desk (FD).

Shoppers on an escaltor pass by a Christmas tree on a Special Shopping Sunday in the Stadtgalerie in Hameln, Germany, 27 December 2015. Photo: Peter Steffen/dpa Peter Steffen / DPA

Palestinian Jihadist: Ban Christmas Celebrations in Islamic States

Abu Omar Almaqdesi, a senior Gaza-based Islamic State jihadist, said the soldiers and supporters of the Caliphate must not permit the celebration of Christmas in Islamic countries. He went on to describe the festivities as depraved, lewd and based on the blasphemous idea that Allah had an equal in Jesus.

A man dressed in a Santa Claus outfit hands a souvenir to an Iraqi Muslim boy in the Shiite holy city of Najaf on December 17, 2015. AFP PHOTO / HAIDAR HAMDANI / AFP / HAIDAR HAMDANI (Photo credit should read HAIDAR HAMDANI/AFP/Getty Images)

Islamic State Calls For More Lone Wolf Attacks In France

Islamic State have released two videos calling for more acts of terrorism to be carried out in France in retaliation for the nation’s involvement in conducting airstrikes against the terrorist group, and called Nice attacker Bouhlel an “inspired Muslim”.


Al-Qaeda to U.S. Muslims: Target ‘Anglo-Saxon Community,’ Avoid Minorities

The Yemen-based al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) is disseminating a guide urging all Muslims in America, “regardless of their affiliation,” to carry out more “lone wolf” attacks that mirror the recent massacre in Orlando, FL, and to target “areas where the Anglo-Saxon community is generally concentrated.”

AP Photo/Hani Mohammed

Islamic State Supporters Call for More ‘Lone Wolf’ Attacks Post-Orlando

A group called the “Islamic State Wolfs” — clearly supportive of ISIS but not definitively linked to them — has issued a call for more “lone wolf” attacks like the Orlando massacre, and they produced a handy infographic depicting various methods of committing terrorist murder.


CIA Director Warns Islamic State Attack on U.S. ‘Inevitable’

In his 60 Minutes interview last Sunday, CIA Director John Brennan warned that Islamic State attacks (ISIS/ISIL) on U.S. soil are “inevitable.” He came close to blaming political correctness for interfering with efforts to detect and thwart terror plots.


Desertion by Islamic State Fighters Is Up, Raising Fears of Attacks in the West

Army Col. Steve Warren, spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition against the Islamic State (ISIS), said Sunday that jihadists appear to be deserting the group in growing numbers, leaving ISIS strongholds badly secured but prompting new concerns that defecting jihadists will return home battle-hardened and ready to execute “lone wolf” attacks.

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