Hillary Booed Over Not Releasing Speech Transcripts as Bernie Demands Them

CNN Dem Debate Frank Franklin II, AP
rank Franklin II/AP

Hillary Clinton refused to release transcripts of speeches she gave to major Wall Street firms such as Goldman Sachs, drawing boos in her Thursday night debate with Bernie Sanders in Brooklyn, New York.

CNN moderator Dana Bash held Clinton’s feet to the fire as the Democratic frontrunner fumbled and Bernie Sanders scored a major swipe back at her.

Clinton’s First Explanation: Bernie Voted for De-Regulation

“First of all there isn’t an issue. When I was in public service serving as the senator from New York … I did not vote to de-regulate swaps and derivatives as Senator Sanders did … I’m not saying Senator Sanders did something un-toward when he voted to de-regulate swaps and derivatives but…”

But Bash refused to let Clinton get away with it.

Clinton’s Second Explanation: Where Are Bernie’s Tax Returns?

“There are certain expectations when you run for president … there are speeches on the other side,” Clinton said, before turning to the topic of Bernie Sanders’ tax returns.

“You can go to my website and see eight years of tax returns,” Clinton boasted.

But Bash said that there are “many Democratic voters who want to see” Clinton’s speech transcripts.

Clinton’s Third Explanation: Change the Rules

“Let’s set the same standard for everybody,” Clinton said. “I’ll do it when everybody does it.”

Sanders then vowed to release all of the transcripts that he has ever given “behind closed doors” to major Wall Street firms.

“There were no speeches!” he said.

Sanders also vowed that “Of course we will release our taxes. Jane does all our taxes. We’ve been a little bit busy lately I’m sorry…”

Sanders said that he has a batch “coming out tomorrow.”

“I don’t want to get anybody very excited, I’ve got very boring tax returns,” Sanders said. “Unfortunately I remain one of the poorer members of the United States Senate.”


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