Donald Trump Talks Trade in Indiana: ‘Our Jobs Are Being Ripped Out of Our States’

Trump AP Charles Rex Arbogast

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump zoned in on trade policy while speaking to supporters at his afternoon campaign rally in Indianapolis, Indiana on Wednesday.

“If I were in office right now, Carrier would not be leaving Indiana,” the billionaire said, referencing Carrier air conditioning company, which recently announced it is moving its manufacturing plant from Indianapolis to Mexico. The move impacts nearly 2,000 jobs.

“Our jobs are being ripped out of our states. I’m not just talking here,” Trump said. “They’re going to Mexico. They’re going all over.”

“When Carrier that left here, goes to Mexico and they want to sell their product across the border and no tax, no nothing, we’re going to say, ‘Sorry folks…we’re going to charge you a 35 percent tax after what you did.’”

Trump praised Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, telling the Indiana voters that he’s “really fighting hard for you.”

“Indiana is gong to be very important,” he added. “We have a movement going on.”

Trump then referenced Fox News host Bill O’Reilly recently discussing the movement.

“He said in his lifetime he has never seen anything like what we’ve done,” Trump told his supporters. “He said it’s the single most important political event that he has seen in his lifetime. He said with the possible exceptionn of the killing of JFK. That’s a big statement.”

The real estate mogul cheerfully recalled his big victory the night before in New York.

“New York gave me such an incredible vote, a vote far beyond what the polls said. I wasn’t surprised. When you look, the poll was incredible. It was record-setting and it was New York,” Trump celebrated.”The place that knows me best gives me that kind of whatever…they know me…they know the good, the bad, they know everything.”

Trump also commented on Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s win in New York.

“You know Bernie’s gone,” Trumps said of Clinton’s rival for the Democratic nomination Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

“I love running against crooked Hillary,” Trump added, referencing her by his new nickname for the former Secretary of State. “Bernie wouldn’t be as much fun.”


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