Virginia Speaker Blasts Gov. Terry McAuliffe for Allowing Convicted Murderers, Rapists to Vote and Serve on Juries


Virginia House of Delegates Speaker William J. Howell blasted Gov. Terry McAuliffe Friday for permitting convicted violent felons to vote, run for office, and serve on juries, saying the governor issued the order to help Hillary Clinton win Virginia during the general election.

“The Governor’s policy applies to criminals who have committed even the most heinous violent crimes including murder, rape, child rape, and kidnapping. Under this Governor’s policy, violent criminals will be treated the same as lifelong law-abiding citizens. Not only will these criminals have the right to vote, but they will also be serving on our juries,” Howell said in a scathing statement.

An expert who cheered McAuliffe’s order admitted to the New York Times that it covers convicted murderers and rapists.

Indeed, a statement from the Governor’s office reads: “Each of those Virginians will immediately regain the right to register to vote, to run for office, to serve on a jury and to serve as a notary public… The Governor implemented his action by signing an order restoring the rights of every Virginia felon who completed his or her sentence and all other requirements as of April 22nd, 2016.”

There is no exclusion listed for violent criminals convicted of rape, murder, robbery, aggravated assault, and so forth.

Howell also claims that McAuliffe wants to tip the scales for Clinton in the presidential election; Virginia is a swing state already rapidly turning blue thanks to extreme levels of business-backed immigration.

“It is hard to describe how transparent the Governor’s motives are. The singular purpose of Terry McAuliffe’s governorship is to elect Hillary Clinton President of the United States,” Howell said.

“This office has always been a stepping stone to a job in Hillary Clinton’s cabinet. The one-time nature of this action is proof positive of the Governor’s political motivations. Instead of adopting a clear policy that can be applied equitably, he is changing the rules in the middle of the 2016 election to ensure Hillary Clinton’s victory,” he said.


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