Ex-Bloomberg Editor: Why Hillary Clinton Can’t Bank on Trump’s Unpopularity

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AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Albert R. Hunt, former Executive Editor of Bloomberg News, writes that Hillary Clinton can’t rest on her laurels for the general election, assuming that Donald Trump’s favorables will guarantee a victory.

From Bloomberg View:

Senator Sherrod Brown is a relatively accessible fellow, but when he was recently about a request for an interview on the subject of the schisms in his Democratic Party, his schedule was full. Instead, he sent along a banal statement that the Hillary Clinton-Bernie Sanders presidential primary battle was strengthening the party in contrast with the “divisive” Republican fight.

He’s right about the Republicans. The personal invective and policy splits threaten to tear the party apart and produce an electoral cataclysm in November.

Yet that is camouflaging serious problems on the Democratic side: deep divisions on policy and an almost certain nominee, Clinton, who if not for Donald Trump would be the most unpopular leading presidential candidate in recent times.


[I]f she is the Democratic nominee, she’ll need the Sanders followers in the autumn. She would be making a mistake to take them for granted and rely on Trump’s unpopularity.

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