Conservative Women Praise Cruz’s Choice of Carly Fiorina For VP

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Conservative women leaders are praising Sen. Ted Cruz’s announcement of former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina as his running mate if he wins the Republican nomination.

“Carly Fiorina would have been a great presidential candidate,” said Susan B. Anthony List president Marjorie Dannenfelser in a press release. “Barring that, she is the ideal choice for a vice presidential candidate. She will take Hillary Clinton head on.”

The national pro-life leader added that Fiorina would be especially well suited to challenge Hillary Clinton’s platform issues that relate specifically to women.

Planned Parenthood and much of the abortion lobby have already endorsed Clinton.

“Hillary has claimed the ‘women’s advocate’ mantle, without offering any compelling fresh perspective,” Dannenfelser continued. “Carly on the other hand, has challenged and bested the entrenched feminist politicos who purport to advance women’s rights even as they advance the usurpation of the rights of children.”

Fiorina has taken on Planned Parenthood directly in the wake of its baby parts scandal exposed by the pro-life Center for Medical Progress. She keynoted the rally at the 2016 March for Life in Washington, D.C. in January.

“The left has had this fiction that somehow if you’re pro-life, you’re against women,” Fiorina said during her address, adding:

They’ve peddled the fiction that Planned Parenthood is all about women’s health, when, really, it’s all about abortion. And, so, I think it’s important that we stand up and say, “Conservative women exist” – let’s just start with that – and, secondly, that “We care for women and for unborn life. And they go hand in hand.”

Asked by Breitbart News at the March for Life about Planned Parenthood’s support for Clinton, Fiorina replied, “I think it demonstrates what we’ve always known – Planned Parenthood is a political operation,” she said, continuing:

They funnel millions of dollars to pro-abortion candidates year after year after year. I say to women who are pro-choice, just think about it this way – is it fair that taxpayers fund a political operation? Of course, it’s not fair. So, I think Hillary Clinton is getting the endorsement of a political operation as we expected.

In an op-ed at The Blaze earlier this month, Dannenfelser said Fiorina – who ended her own bid for the presidential nomination – would be the best choice for vice president regardless of who is the actual Republican nominee.

Dannenfelser wrote:

In a year in which Democrats will do everything in their power to resurrect the fallacious idea of a Republican “war on women,” Carly Fiorina is uniquely qualified to refute it. Who could forget her passionate defense of the unborn against the barbarities of Planned Parenthood? With clarity and courage she laid bare the horrors that masquerade as “women’s rights.” She stands in stark contrast to the vapid platitudes offered by Hillary Clinton in favor of abortion-on-demand up until the moment of birth.

Dannenfelser contrasted Fiorina’s accomplishments – “her rise from a secretary to a CEO and a leader on the national stage” – with those of Hillary Clinton, with “their roots in her marriage to a former governor and president.”

“Who is the better role model for women?” she asked. “Who truly represents the ideals of feminism?”

Meanwhile, abortion business Planned Parenthood retweeted a suggested campaign poster for Cruz and Fiorina – courtesy of Above Average – and a tweet of its own on Cruz’s pick.

However, Penny Nance, president of Concerned Women Political Action Committee, said Fiorina is “the ideal choice for vice president.”

“Her business background and her conservative core principles are the embodiment of the leadership our country so desperately needs,” she said in a press release, adding that Cruz’s addition of Fiorina acknowledges the influence of women voters and significant drivers of the economy.

“Women make up 51 percent of the population,” Nance said in her new book, Feisty & Feminine: A Rallying Cry for Conservative Women. “We earn more college and advanced degrees than men. We own more than 9.1 million businesses in this country, generating more than $1.4 trillion in revenue.”

“Mitt Romney lost women by 20 points in 2012, Republicans cannot afford to do that again,” she said. “Carly Fiorina will help restore the GOP’s standing with women.”

While Donald Trump has a significant lead over Cruz in pledged delegates, Cruz has maintained a strong ground operation to secure delegates he hopes will give him the nomination on a second or third ballot at a contested convention in Cleveland.


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