Trump On Karl Rove: If I Was Roger Ailes I wouldn’t Pay Him Ten Cents

Karl Rove Donald Trump
AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli/Getty Images

Donald Trump has had enough of Karl Rove’s wishful thinking parading as analysis and is going on the attack against the old establishment operative.

Specifically, Trump said that Fox News Channel chief executive Roger Ailes should stop paying Rove any serious salary since the analyst has–in his estimation–no idea what he is talking about.

Trump lobbed the first shot from his popular Twitter account:

Trump continued the attack in front of massive crowd in Fort Wayne, Indiana, repeatedly ripping Rove. He referenced Rove’s meltdown on election night 2012 where he refused to acknowledge that Mitt Romney had lost. Donors had entrusted Rove with more than half a billion dollars through his political organization Crossroads GPS to elect Romney and so for obvious reasons election night 2012 was a tough one for Rove.

Trump also pointed out that Rove’s analysis in regards to this Presidential election had been consistently wrong and added, “If I was Roger Ailes, I wouldn’t give Karl Rove ten cents.”

A confident Trump packed another massive venue in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and with the momentum at his back he is taking aim at the last holdouts trying to prevent the Republican party from uniting behind him in the general election. Besides taking shots at Rove, the business mogul also attacked anti-Trump magazines “like the National Review,” continued to rail against the delegate system even though he expects to win anyway, touted his endorsement from legendary basketball coach Bobby Knight, and drew attention to Heidi Cruz’s comment that Senator Cruz “is an immigrant.”


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