Report: New Hampshire Donald Trump Delegates Blocked from Committees

The Associated Press
The Associated Press


The New Hampshire Republican Party canceled the vote on Monday on the slate of delegates, which would have been assigned to committees at the Republican National Convention in July because of pressure from Donald Trump’s campaign, according to an update from Politico. Trump’s campaign complained about the possibility of his delegates not being placed on any important committees.

Trump’s recent hire, his new national political director Rick Wiley, said he appreciates the vote being rescheduled so it can occur in person rather than by email.

“We appreciate Chairman Horn rescheduling the vote for committee assignments to the 2016 Republican National Committee Convention so it can occur in person,” Wiley stated. “Transparency in these elections is important and we are grateful for Chairman Horn’s decision. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with Jennifer as Donald Trump becomes the Republican nominee.”

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In February, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump won the New Hampshire GOP primary by nearly 20 points, but it turns out his 11 of the 23 delegates from the Granite state may be blocked by GOP officials from serving on key committees at the Republican National Committee in July, where the Republican Party nominee is selected.

“Instead, the coveted convention slots would go entirely to delegates assigned to Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, John Kasich and Ted Cruz, even though Trump won 35 percent of the vote, more than double his closest competitor,” Politico reports.

Convention committee assignments are typically arcane and mostly ignored affairs, but with the chance that Republicans could be headed to their first contested convention in decades, every small edge has taken on outsize importance and attention.

These controversial assignments were unveiled late Saturday, in a “bcc” email from the executive director of the New Hampshire Republican Party that said a “slate of candidates has been proposed.”

Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who is from New Hampshire, and Stephen Stepanek, Trump’s New Hampshire co-chair are two of the Trump delegates that could be denied committee assignments.

A person from the Trump campaign said the New Hampshire Republican Party was “playing games” and it’s “shameful.”

The delegate slate was reportedly scheduled to be voted on Monday around noon.

The full Politico report can be read here.


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