Watch ‘Make America Mexico Again’ Meme

Protestors crowd the street after a rally for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Thursday, April 28, 2016 in Costa Mesa, Calif.
AP Photo/Chris Carlson

“Make America Mexico Again” is the left’s latest rallying cry, so, of course, they have memes to spread the message.

This GIF claims to show Mexico’s history. As one user said on social media:

And that’s how my Mexico has been loosing territory, mostly to the United States, in the last 200 Years… and now Trump wants to build a wall?! How about building it along the original border?! ‪#‎antitrump‬‪#‎makeamericagreatagain‬‪#‎makeamericamexicoagain‬‪#‎nevertrump‬



Forget the realities of history, including the Indian raids, the Texans rebelling for freedom against Mexico and the fact that Mexico was effectively a brand new country. Forget the fact that the Mexican government was PAID FOR THE LAND in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848 and later paid more in the Gadsden Purchase.

Forget history. They want it back.

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