Exclusive — Donald Trump: ‘The Real Enemy Is Hillary Clinton’

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Face Off AP Photos
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Presumptive Republican nominee for President billionaire Donald Trump told Breitbart News exclusively on Tuesday evening that “the real enemy” lies ahead in likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s interview with Breitbart News came before the polls closed in Indiana, just as he was wrapping up winning the GOP nomination for the presidency. It was still unclear whether Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) would officially drop out at that point, but it was becoming evident that Trump was going to lock up the nomination.

Trump called this Breitbart News exclusive interview to unify the Republican Party and to set his sights squarely on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the likely Democratic nominee—saying that she is the “real enemy.”

“The real enemy is Hillary Clinton and four more years of essentially Obama,” Trump said. “The country cannot take it. Our country is not going to be able to survive four more years of incompetence and bad decision-making. As Bernie Sanders says loud and clear, Hillary Clinton suffers from bad judgment.”

Trump said Clinton’s positions in favor of bad trade deals like NAFTA and the Trans Pacific Partnership are going to weaken her in the general election, as will her opposition to securing the U.S. border with Mexico and to a strong American military. Trump went on to say:

I’m going to bring jobs back to America and Hillary has no clue as to jobs. In fact, NAFTA, which was signed by her husband, is the worst economic development deal ever signed in the history of our country—trade deal, I guess you’d call it. The worst trade deal ever signed in the history of our country. It’s cleaned out vast portions of our manufacturing businesses and more. So she can’t beat me on jobs and the economy. She can’t beat me on the border, she can’t come close on the border. She can’t beat me on the military.

Trump also told Breitbart News of his thinking when it comes to selecting a running mate, saying that his vice presidential pick will come from the political–not business–world. He said:

I don’t want to name anybody—what I would most likely be looking at, and I feel like I’d be going a little bit in reverse, in other words, I’d be going for a political person. Because I don’t need a business person, I need a political person. Somebody that can deal with the hill, that can deal with Congress and get things done, get things passed, et cetera, et cetera.

Trump’s interview came as he was expected to win big in Indiana but before his last remaining serious rival Cruz dropped out, thereby handing the nomination to Trump, who said he wanted to “close out” winning the nomination before beginning the process of selecting a running mate.

“I want to close out before I do that—I’ve very much thought about it,” Trump said when asked about the vice presidential candidate selection process. “I want to close out the two people I have now, they’re hanging by their fingernails. And I want to close this out, and once I close this out, that will be a very pleasant process. We have many great people who would do wonderful.”

Trump also said that the high Republican primary turnout—and the low Democrat turnout—is a sign he is going to win in the general election.

“It’s up more than 70 percent,” Trump said. “It’s all because of me. It’s an amazing thing, and everybody is talking about it worldwide. Millions of votes more and millions of votes ahead of Cruz, too, and Kasich. This week we’ll break the all-time record with many states left.”

Trump said he would be beating Clinton in popular votes, too, if he had had only one, non-serious competitor, as she has during the primaries.

“If I didn’t have 17 candidates, and then if I didn’t have 12, and then nine, then seven, and now—even now—we have two, and she’s only got Bernie—we would have had millions more votes than Hillary Clinton,” Trump said. “Right now, we’re about tied. If I didn’t have all these candidates—she only had Bernie—even if we had three as opposed to just two, then I would have had millions of more votes than Hillary. Millions.”


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