EXCLUSIVE: Vicente Fox’s Advice to Donald Trump: ‘Be Compassionate’

trump-victims-families-AP Jae C. Hong
AP/Jae C. Hong
Santra Monica, CA

SANTA MONICA, California — Former Mexican President Vicente Fox invited likely Republican nominee Donald Trump to speak with him, saying he believes he can teach Trump to be a “compassionate leader,” and about the difference between being a businessman versus being a politician.

“I think I can convince Donald Trump,” Fox told Breitbart News on Wednesday, pleading to the billionaire to speak with Fox. “Please Donald, give me the opportunity to talk to you.”

Doing business, being a great business leader doesn’t make you necessarily a great politician or a great president. That’s not it. I experienced that. I come from Coca-Cola. Just like you, I worked in business for a long long time, but when I changed to politics, you have to change gears, then you have to be a compassionate leader, then your obligation is not to make money for yourself, your obligation is to do good for the poor.

Fox first started working for Coca-Cola in 1964 as a delivery truck driver and route supervisor. He later became supervisor, overseeing all of Coca-Cola’s operations in Mexico and Latin America.

“He needs to go a neighborhood here in the states where the poor [live]. He needs to visit California and see where this diligent, hard-working, high quality Mexicans work, picking up the berries with care, with love. That’s most important,” Fox said of Trump.

Fox spoke extensively about his charitable work, noting that he and his wife are raising money for three foundations. One of his donation drives is a “brick campaign,” where donors can help the needy by purchasing a brick in their name — not in a border wall, but a wall demonstrating compassion.

As a demonstration of “compassionate leadership,” he apologized to Trump for vulgar language he had used toward him in the past, and invited him to Mexico to see the border from the other side.


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